Was set for the pat-down. It didn't happen.Link


My LED-pin was set to read:

"Love Everything"

to help me through the potential ordeal of a strange woman putting her
hands on my body.

Now, on the other side of the metal detectors, dry vodka martini - up,
olives - in hand, I listen to Gene Ammons rock out on the tenor with
his "'Til There Was You". Ah.

"Chelsea Walls" is my new all-time-favorite film.

Little Jimmy Scott is next up on the iTunes list. He has a role in the
film and sings. My God. How he sings. I'm promised the soundtrack from
"Chelsea Walls" when we get back to NY. Can't wait. Leonard's version
of singing, the poetry, Little Jimmy's voice. Blew me away.

Uh-oh. Only 3 sips and I'm toast.

They won't let me plug in to a socket 'cause some deranged woman who
dumped her drink on her computer while plugged in threatened to sue.
Stupid. I hate paying for others' insane lack of willingness to be
responsible for their own mistakes or misfortune.

Proposed to someone today.

I am very happy. Really. Regardless of how it turns out.

To know I am capable of loving this much is a blessing.

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