Humour Illegalized

> when jen was at the gw bush airport in houston, part of the the rap
> that is repeated about keeping your luggage with you, etc. was:
> please note that any jokes or inappropriate comments about security
> could lead to your arrest.

Ah, we could be doomed. Doomed.

We have surrendered to the enemy.


Terrorism is an effective strategy. Cost effective.

Why don't we terrorize them right back?

Problem is, the west believes terrorism is immoral and we are thereby precluded from using it.

The problem with the idea that war may be conducted in a "moral" way (e.g. Geneva Convention) is that one loses to the more ruthless playbook every time.

War is immoral. Period. If one must fight, one fights wholly. Without restraint. That's how we won against the Brits.

Either we play ruthlessly or we surrender. This is not a game.

Ah, but we have already surrendered.

Something in me wants to show up at the airport naked or at least just in undies. Would they pat me down then? The idea of being patted down is repugnant.

I am unutterably sad about the state of affairs in our country.

Unutterably sad.

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