A Million-Hit Month

December usage for princessatlarge.com

When in June, hits to the princessatlarge.com site jumped over a million I decided to get rid of some of the non-hits by banning a bunch of IP's who were "hitting" my site. It took a while to analyze, but it seems they "hit" my site in order to leave links to their sites in my stats, so their sites would rise in search engine rankings.

Theirs was an ingenious plan, but I think search engines soon caught on, as I'm certain did other webmasters.

Literally hundreds of thousands of "hits" registered. It happened when - for example - someone would search 'marketing' on one of the most egregious offender's search engine sites. A search for 'marketing' would "hit" my site, even though no one actually came by, leaving the site's address in my web log.

Things have returned to their normal 3-5000 hits a day.

Princessatlarge.com is largely inactive since its existence was principally a writing / educational tool: to learn a bit of html and to write the prose/poem pieces for The World's Longest Open Love Letter.

These days I debate getting rid of it altogether. Its purpose is finished.

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