Advertising Works

Spike on the advent of ad in 11211 Magazine.

In pursuit of my continuing studies on media & advertising / art & commerce, I began to trade writing for adspace in 11211 Magazine.

Sounds easy, but when one has nothing (or so one thinks) to advertise, it becomes a bit of a challenge.

Nonetheless, advertise I did. I'll begin to post some of the ads here, just so you get a flavor for what I was up to.

In each of the ads I put a URL, and then tracked the stats.

Advertising works.

The challenge was to create a business that would maximize reliance on my areas of expertise & passion for its success.

Getting there.

"A party for people you love should be extravagant - if not in money then in its execution."

"There is nothing too extravagant for a loved one."

The above in response to the latest assignment in Hugh MacLeod's Marketing 800 class at Gaping Void University.

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