Election Day

We ride the crest of the wave of not knowing.

Fact is, we know that not much and everything could change: in this second or the next.

The only thing we control is how we incorporate what happens into our lives' fabric.

Today, I'm appreciating working on one of the best jobs in New York: Law & Order.

Not only does it have the best contract - as other subsequent contracts have given away more and more of our lives and livlihoods - but it is an extremely efficient television- and money-making enterprise. People like the show. New story lines will never end so long as human foibles endure. It's brilliant.

Law & Order was the first film / television set upon which I set foot - near the beginning of season two. The sets at Chelsea Piers remain the same, though the piers have since been developed.

Many of the crew remain; and that speaks well of the production.

One may now get a latte without walking three blocks. Olympic-hopeful kids tumble. Guys in suits walk around with a couple drivers under their arms. The wee pocket park across the street is immaculately maintained. A man tosses a tennis ball to his Doberman in the dog run.

Folks seem to think Bush will win. Folks seem to think that the process of declaring a winner will take some time. They seem prepared for that eventuality.

The process of voting makes one feel resident of a second-world country. Whoever wins should take that into account.

The business plan for Tributes International continues to develop. What I like most is that it takes advantage of and engages all my skills.

It also creates things of lasting value related to love and honor.

The coffee shop is now open so I shall meander there to have a double espresso with a dollop of cream.


The morning - as usual on this show - was incredibly and non-stop busy, even though we are on the stage: a time usually reserved for repair & repose. Repose is unknown here. C'est la L&O vie.

It is said that there is "the right way, the wrong way and the Law & Order way." It is true. Fact is, the Law & Order way works.

I really like the people on the show.

It's good to be reminded that I know what I'm doing. I'd allowed myself to be made to forget that on the last film project.

My body hurts. In a lot of places. Perhaps it's turning 49. No. it's definitely turning 49. It's also 20 hours awake.

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