A Collection of Short Poetry Films to be Proud Of

Have been reading Gaping Void and allowing the inspiration of MacLeod's treatises to flow through one of my life-questions: the nature of the marriage of art & commerce.

Hugh MacLeod is correct in one thing for sure: that a successful product / person makes a connection somehow with the deep spirit of things that speak for themselves and are desirable.

The films are of people I love.

The challenge as artist/filmmaker working within the business model I'm building with Tributes International is to get to know a family's story well enough to tell it well. In effect, to love them. To find the beauty of their iconography. Quickly. Succinctly. Gracefully.

You'll see my father, who loves the beauty of wood, pasture, living things. My mother is at the center of many images. She is the heart.

When the two first purchased the farm 30 years ago, father built a bridge that was this summer washed away in a flood.

His amazing border collies.

His perfect skill with growing things, including children.

I shall send copies of the DVD of the movie to all their dear friends who love them and whom I love.

The bagpipes in the film are played by the City of Washington Pipe band, among who are Charlie Glendinning and his wife - two world-class pipers. He writes most splendid contemporary music for the instrument. More and most importantly, they are friends of ours.

My parents are - as then - beautiful and loving.

My parents grew the roses that appear at the end of the picture.

A scan of father's chives graces another multi-media web site portal: Urban Art Adventures.

They are amazing human beings and it pleased me to research their lives in this thoughtful way.

In making a film of them I got to know them a whole lot better.

My father makes incredible calligraphy.

My mother is a genius at entertaining and making people feel truly seen: an empath.

I listen a lot to Buckethead's Colma album. There are a couple tunes in particular that fit the creation of this film. "Watching the Boats With My Dad" and "For My Mom".

Patty Griffin's "Making Pies".

Dar Williams' "Arrival" from her album "The Honesty Room".

Okay, I like melody.

Think I shall begin to post some of the poems I've written over the years in their honor.

Honor your parents if you can.

It is part of Grace.

The creations they and their friends have inspired in me are not of small importance to me as a human being.

The singer/songwriter Jolie Holland has brought me joy lately, too.

In other news, hope to soon get my hands on the original video footage from other friends' wedding that I produced & directed. Wrote some music for The Hungry March Band. Carol Wierzbicki made the lyrics. Adam Merton Cooper wrote the other tune in its entirety.

Must sing and play for a bit.

Sweet dreams, gentle reader.

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