"Perfect Rejection Letter" from agent

Getting on in life requires tenacity.

Spent the last 48 hours hating everything I ever wrote.

I'm back.

95% of the time I have high regard for those things I produce.

There is a literary prize at the University of Pittsburgh for which I shall submit a manuscript.

Need to cull 110 pages or so.

Started reading through the longer work yesterday.

It wanted to be a novel but turned out to be more of an anthology.

The screenplay carries the narrative more easily.

Back to work.


  1. If you write stories, try Glimmer Train, published by two sisters in Portland, Oregon. They have an online submission process that's pretty cool. They accept stories and contest entries, too.

    Good Luck.


  2. Thanks for the tip, Michael.


  3. Now that I think about it - having visited Glimmer Train - must say that I'm not really interested in having anything much published that doesn't bring me some kind of return. They don't appear to pay except to contest winners and I'm not particularly into competition. Contests. Bah humbug.

    Competition comes from the world of hierarchy.

    Like my stuff? Pay me.


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