Partner Reduction / Zero Grazing Ad Campaigns

"Zero Grazing" ad campaign in Uganda helped lower rates of HIV infection there, but because South Africa has not implemented any such ad campaign, HIV runs rampant as ever through its system of acculturated infidelity.

The serial monogamy model practiced in the United States is preferable to polyamory insofar as containing the virus is concerned. Having concentric lovers without protection can be fatal and costs taxpayers a lot of money.

Infidelity became a social norm in Africa when fathers and husbands went miles away from their families for work, often for years at a stretch.

Broken families wreak cultural havoc from the center out. How do we begin to repair the family? One way is to grant everyone who wants them the duties, privileges and protections of marriage.

It was the phrase "Partner Reduction" that caught my eye and imagination, and gave meaning to the more flashy "Zero Grazing" call to inaction.

Promiscuity can be dangerous to your health. But we knew that.

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