The Writer's Life

Can be one of extreme isolation.
Balance comes from working in the film industry where my personal space is invaded continuously by amazing people of great charisma.
It is extremely sexy.
This week I got to watch John Turturro dance a ballet. He is an excellent dancer. As a dancer/choreographer myself I cannot help but see him that way as he moves the length of the dolly track with one of the best dolly grips in the industry and Kate Winslet dancing behind. Aaaah. Ah.
Some would say that the people who create our most popular entertainment are among the most interesting on the planet. I cannot disagree.
I work for a time, then live carefully - keeping my nut low and purchasing three months' supply at the outset of a creative period - and write my balls off.
In the last years people have offered me venues for fine art, so I make it. To make fine art costs money. One learns many new things quickly.
I'm just saying.
Poetry requires a writing implement and paper; and sometimes only a match, a bar of soap and a good memory.
Spent $150 on halogen lights this week. They are white and perfectly illumine my little poem/film/watercolor.
If I could make them flicker...at 24 fps...now that would be something.
I delay taking the work to The Fusion Arts Museum. Is it procrastination or what?
Need to learn to make frames and have the tools with which to work.
Need my rent paid.
Need this movie in theaters.
- Watson, out
"It isn't done alone." - Ian Watson, Love Detective & Staff Writer
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