"Water Ballet: an animated film"

Halogen backlight in place. Detail.
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The Water Ballet is promised to a private collector. I like that it should grace the walls of someone whom I respect.

The artist's life is no piece of cake.

Am I as happy as any human has a right / duty to be? Yes. And more.

This morning I bathed:

One draws the water a gallon at a time: 4 hot / 2 cold.

Into the eleven-gallon aluminium tub.

Imagine myself in D.H. Lawrence's "Rainbow" bathing 19th Century style with the tub near the hearth. There is time to luxuriate in the visual.

Careful in its slow progress; I learn how to accomplish this kind of cleansing without dripping water all over the place.

Elbows in. It helps to relax.

It requires deliberation; and is more peaceful than a shower.

One must plan for it.

It has a splashy dignity.

- Watson, out

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