The Marketing of "City Island"

Director Raymond De Felitta is in the throes of preparing "City Island" for release in the United States by screening it all over the planet (Poland, Brazil, etc.), including an "OTX screening" in Paramus, NJ.

Of the "City Island" Paramus screening, Raymond says in his blog:

I hate to be the one to tell you (being as I'm the creator of the subject of this little lab experiment) but our movie scored a mind-boggling 91 percent approval rating.

Movies that score 61% are considered to be doing well.

Just saying.

If you're interested in a look behind the curtain that cloaks the mysterious process of marketing and distributing films, Raymond's telling all over at his blog. Check it out.

One of the producers writes of the screening:

I have been told by many savvy insiders that they have never heard of a film scoring so high in a test screening.

Very good news indeed; and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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[City Island Facebook page]

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