En Route to "City Island" Screening :: Traffic Snarl-Up


  1. WE WERE THERE! and, it was awsome, of course...

  2. I am so excited about this movie. Details! Details! Raymond mentioned it on his blog, but like a man, failed to give the important details :) Like who was there, what did they say? How was the movie? Favorite part? Etc. Please :)

  3. LOL, Anonymous, I hardly have details m'self. Was late and overexcited. Mostly was just listening to make sure the sound was okay. It will take another screening or two to get beyond that, unfortunately.

    Through the sound anxiety, I DID come to understand that the picture was as funny and well done as I'd hoped and dreamed for Raymond and the producers. There was not a weak performance to be found. The ensemble was strong, and the story full of the ticklish truth about the human condition.

    Let's see what folks have to say at the Tribeca Film Festival...where I'm sure it will do well.

    Raymond briefly introduced the movie. Lauren was there looking fabulous, as were the inimitable Ezra and Carey. Too exciting for words, really. Very proud indeed.

  4. Well thanks for at least filling in some details (the ones you remember) :) As someone who would LOVE to be at the Tribeca film festival, but can't, I depend on the kindness of others to give what input they can so I appreciate everything :)


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