35mm Camera-Rest :: Apple Box Hack

Made by hacking an ordinary apple box. If you go hand held, you need
one of these, pronto. Brilliant in it's simplicity. Bravo.

Via the mobile division.

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  1. Woaw! Some people look very creative here! - The layman's question: If you go hand held, as you are saying, isn't the camera rest restraining you to a specific height. Further, isn't it difficult to move around? what is the advantage of such a rest over a "regular tripod" - I just suppose such a thing exists, but actually, I've got no idea whatsoever. If the question is too complicated or if you are to busy to answer, don't bother to; I will see it all when I pay you a visit in two year's time! ;-) - Who knows? Never been to the States. And now that you have a decent President, everything is theoretically possible!
    Cheers! And thanks for the photo anyway!


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