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Red rocks. Red curry, that is. Have been trying (for years) to make a palatable red curry from 'scratch', assuming that any canned curry would not be up to par.

Not so.



This red curry is spicy enough to make the nose run a bit & so, perfect for my taste anyway.

Now I know it's good, ordered a case, along with a can of the green curry I also love.

Will get m'self a bunch of chicken breasts (when they're on sale) for the freezer, and pack 'em away, one/freezer bag, for when the curry jones hits.

Make up a one-cup recipe of rice (usually too much before I get really tired of it), from which two of the three servings will deal with the curry, then the last third turns into friend rice with a recipe from a friend.

Happy now.


Yes, indeed.

Found this canned red curry while searching the web for Ichimi pepper, a spicy Japanese red pepper I enjoy with Pad Thai, a recipe also recently perfected in concert with a little pre-packaged stuff:

Just add a tablespoon or so of peanut sauce (along with fresh cilantro, green onions, frozen shrimp, peanuts, & scrambled eggs), to make a Pad Thai seem just right following the recipe on the box - oh, the water to soften the noodles should be boiling, not just hot:

Rice life in the kitchen looks up.

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