Seesmic the Movie - 12/19/07 Skype Conference

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A year-old Skype conversation among Backlotops, Phil Campbell, Christine Cavalier, Adam Jochum & me, Jan McLaughlin, trying to talk about making a movie via social networking tools.

The time then was not right.

Is the time right, now?

New ex-pat American-in-Japan friend Eric's got an idea for a 'story;' all we have to do is implement it.

Think of it as multi-player role play [MMORPG] game but with Seesmic, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Utterli, Flickr, email and whatever other social media / media-making tools we need.

Casting is everything.

Cast your own damn self.

What would you say to 'X' friend, colleague or family member about the alien spaceship that's hovering over your house after it's been there a year and done nothing but hover? Would it even enter your conversation?

Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)


  1. Can you make an Utterli or Qik that supposes to be a cellphone or other message to your boss or significant other explaining why you're late to dinner...something related (of course) to the alien spaceship that hovers over some building (you choose) in your town.

    Perhaps it played a single tone of music and everything stopped, waiting for a shoe to drop...

    Casting is everything and you're 'IT' Paul.


    Tag it 'seesmicmovie' please.


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