The News :: Caroline Kennedy

About time she stepped up.

First video with the Flip Mino HD.

What do we think?


  1. sweet...smooth footage. an new addition to your toolbox? i keep thinking about getting one, that it'd be more portable and immediate and maybe i'd make more spur of the moment vids. my phone sucks eggs for video, my camera is too chunky to carry around, plus draws too much attention to itself. you're being quite the beta tester of late, nokia should totally comp you for all the work you're doing with that machine.

  2. Yes, MB, this is the Mino HD Flip. Very small -- small cellphone small -- and easily transferred via the integral USB flip-out connector (hence the name 'flip'). Pretty darned seamless.

  3. Nokia lent me the N96 for 3 weeks, by the way. Wish I could get paid for this, but frankly, I don't give coherent enough feedback; just play and I'm sure that's not really enough for them to pay me to do it.

    Now, if they were to send me on assignment to actually cover someone -- in true faux press style -- now that, THAT would be worth something.


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