More Reality TV in Networks' Future = Fewer Eyes

Scripted one-hour dramas in the 10p slots where content can be more adult-friendly are evidently on the way out, at least for networks. The value of cable just went up. Cable has to retain tight control over its shows to keep their value, at least insofar as the interweb is concerned.

It's Netflix that gets cable shows to me anyway. $60/month is too much.

The good news is, cable's doing some great entertainment, dare I say the best entertainment -- next to indie films.
clipped from www.variety.com
Then came NBC's Monday move to blow scripted programming out of the 10 p.m. hour in favor of "The Jay Leno Show."
"It's a bummer for the writers who are writing for drama," said one agent. "Five less scripted drama shows at 10 p.m. is bad for the business ... Some leaders at NBC said there hasn't been a 10 p.m. drama that's worked in three or four years. But no, they just haven't developed the best dramas."
Writers have already felt the primetime pinch in recent years, as the networks devote more hours to reality programs -- as well as repeats on dead nights such as Fridays and Saturdays.
"The more reality shows and talkshows the broadcast networks do, the more that dramas will go to cable, where they can be done properly,"
It will, of necessity, force them to cable, where the atmosphere is far friendlier and the creative environment more conducive to doing original work.

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