Who's Playing in the Nokia N96 Field Test Sandbox?

Already the N96 media ripples begin to spread around the interwebs.

Some of these folks are already friends whom I've met in meatspace or nearly so by means of digital collaborations and collective friends.

http://lofistl.com/ - the infamous Bill Streeter, whose bar-b-que I've gratefully eaten & upon whose couch I've napped
http://www.rahulnair.net/blog - already well versed with Nokia's cell phone lineup
http://www.mobiledan.wordpress.com - Dan's N96 unpacking video says he's already out of the gate
http://emonome.com/ - the first to have shown the Faux Press a little N96-related link love - how do you do!
http://enrique-gutierrez.com/ - Enrique's already got his first impressions blogged
http://www.fearlesscooking.tv - the inimitable Grace Piper who loves Charles whom I love & respect

http://www.twitter.com/timakimoff - is, "...the online reporter and videographer at the Missoulian. I write stories, shoot and edit videos as well as podcasts and blogging."
http://www.makeupbyrenren.com - a serious makeup artist
http://www.nseriesus.com - all Nokia, all the time: Nokia Daily News
http://fauxpress.blogspot.com - c'est moi
http://1timstreet.com/blog - another new friend who walks Occam's Old Media / Web-Centric Razor

Here's my business card (readable with an N96, among other Nokia phones, including Nokia E66, E71, N78, 6210 Navigator, and the 6220 Classic):

A video re-vlogged from Tim Street:

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. Oh, I WISH I was in your sandbox! Alas, I was in the 5310 sandbox (which, I believe, the 5310 peed in) and now I'm in the 6650 playpen.

    I love gadgets, and I'm into testing gadgets, but it strikes me odd to run a phone through it's photo/internet/video paces when it is not a phone *for* those purposes...like, say...the 5310.

    We'll see. Maybe the 6650 will turn out to be more interesting than it appears...

  2. Ah. Aw. Sweetie!

    That's the coolness of the medium from Nokia: even though the device you've got is not designed for video, there MUST be something fabulous YOU can make with it. Just keep in mind the device's specific limitations and go with 'em.

    I KNOW you will make something worthwhile in any and every event.


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