The Humble (formerly 'Good') Shepherd :: Paula & Charlie Glendinning's Gift

On the event of my father's 80th birthday, family friends Paula & Charlie Glendinning dedicated the song, "The Humble (formerly 'Good') Shepherd" to the old man.

Here for your enjoyment is their birthday rendition of the tune that promises to be played by pipe bands around the world for decades to come.

Best gift imaginable from the best friends imaginable.

Brava y bravo, you two, for everything you make and do.

Thank you for making Dad's 80th perfectly memorable.

[Glendinning's Publisher]

[Their Pipe Band's Site]


  1. One of the best! Beautifully performed and brilliantly put together.

  2. very nicely done, Jan, very beautiful....

  3. Thanks, fellas. Means a lot to me, as you can imagine.

  4. What a wonderful tribute! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy 80th bday Gib, you look so much like my Dad it brings a smile to my face, and a tear to my eye!
    Love, Beth

  5. Thank you, Beth. Will certainly say hello to Dad from you when we next speak. If you have any other images you'd like to share with him, I'm putting together a DVD for my next visit; send 'em along.


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