Grace Piper's Fearless Cooking N96 Beta

Here's Grace Piper's Qik player, to which she's narrowcasting live with her own Beta-test N96.

Last night I watched a movie in one tab, with Grace's Qik page open in another.

Soon began to hear laughter & voices obviously not part of the movie.

Startled, I jumped & became briefly nervous, wondering where in heaven's name the voices were coming from, but soon realized it was only Grace & friends; with a Qik page open, live broadcasts automatically update and come through. Inadvertently followed Grace throughout her Thanksgiving Eve shenanigans. Fun stuff.

Have long lamented being unable to broadcast live with AT&T's 8525, and to the end of ending said lamentation, have often checked with Qik's 'Supported Phones' page, where they've just recently begun to delve into software for pocket pc's and smart phones. With the arrival of my own Beta N96, I shall have a chance to see how this amazing application can work.

[Grace's Qik Site]
[Grace's Fearless Cooking Site]
[My Qik Page]

POST NOTE: In seach of a great image to use with this post, found Nokia N96 @ Flickr but all their images are copyright. Stole the above image and left a comment asking, "Why?"


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