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Raymond says the nicest things:

My old friend and sound mixer Jan McLaughlin also was a fabulous partner in crime. I can't describe what makes Jan quite so magnetic and fascinating--she's both very much more present than most people and also on an entirely different plane of existence than most of us. Jan did my first movie, "Cafe Society" a dozen years ago and this was our reunion movie. She's got nothing but a brilliant attitude toward the whole mess and made me smile every morning--not an easy task as a shoot progresses. By the way, she's also a mad genius and a Goddam good Audio capturer.

Guess this quote becomes part of the résumé.

Have gotten such incredible positive feedback lately it boggles the mind.

That said, I've worked hard to get here and plan / need to ride this wave as far as it will take me.

Let it also be said that I echo Raymond's estimation of other collaborators. Eric Henriquez was fabuloso. Vanja Cernjul literally paints with light in ways I've not seen before. Franckie Diago a complete and ferocious inspiration, as is Raymond.

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  1. now that's gotta be dayjob work at it's best! i can hear and FEEL the love! envious, to say the least. and what's not to love about you??? you're truly an artister of the first degree. thanks for sharing this story behind the story with us.

  2. As MB said - we can FEEL the love. The little things in life that are so precious to us. The interaction with others. Great video, Jan! Thanks for sharing

  3. You will find what you want as soon as you know what you want, whether it's love, life or work or all of the above.


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