Worked with composer Robert Miller on "Happy Tears" recently.

While setting up a Google clipping service for the film, found Mikael Carlsson's site Upcoming Film Scores, where he mentions Miller and the fact that he scored two other films on which I've worked: "Trumbo" and "The Caller".

Have not intersected much with composers before, but because Rip's "Happy Tears" character might have had to learn to sing and play a Miller tune, we spoke and emailed back and forth on technical issues for a while.

Gratifying to learn that this is not the first time we've worked on the same projects.

Small world.

"Trumbo" is in New York and Los Angeles theaters starting June 27, 2008 - check HERE for show times. Based on what I've seen, it's something well worth seeing.

[Miller @ IMDB]

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