Storytelling :: Masculinity & The Good Old Days

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Documenting an idea of masculinity.

This is the version of masculinity upon which I was weaned.

It informed my life for decades.

Now, I challenge it intellectually if not in my heart.

I'm torn.

Having rejected this way of being masculine intellectually, my heart knows not what it wants.

Ironic that we had gathered together as a family to speak of drinking and drugging.

Ultimately, we are each responsible for our behaviors, no matter what history or experience informs those behaviors. The past is not explored or given as excuse, but explanation / exploration toward understanding, and understanding toward forgiveness and change.

Change for the bertter? Damn straight.

I told a friend of mine about the intervention we'd hoped to initiate.

His first question was, "Was anyone hurt?" Thankfully, I was able to tell him, "No."

He then related the story of how in 1991 his sister had been murdered and brother crippled by a 3-strike drunk driver.

Brought some things home.

This is serious business, bro.

My brother, I love you. Please don't kill anybody. I beg you. Get some fucking help.

Dad & his pals were lucky.

Your luck's not that good. We know this.

Times have changed.

DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE, motherfucker.


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