Letter from Goody Consumer Relations RE: Goody Twin Beads

Have had increasing trouble finding Goody Twin Beads for purchase. As you can see from this Flickr set, baubles are just the thing to keep cables looking and acting neat.

Found (with some difficulty) some for purchase online, but decided to call Goody to see what was up.

While the charming Ms. McCorkle of Goody Consumer Relations was very helpful - she provided contact information for Goody's 'small accounts', one-off purchases, and a list of chain stores that handle their Twin Bead product - we didn't get into the why this was happening.

IMHO, Goody - a 100-year-old company - has, lo these recent years, been content to ride on its Twin Bead laurels. While Goody enjoyed the ride, Scunci jumped to the forefront of the girls' hair accessory market with enthusiasm & innovation. The following Amazon.com sales tool illustrates some of the hair jewelry Scunci's come up with:

For comparison's sake, here are Goody's items listed at Amazon.com:

Through Ms. McCorkle, Goody sent me four boxes of baubles for my trouble, which bought Goody a basketload of good will.

I'm a huge fan of Goody's baubles. Use them many times a day, every day of my working life. Their elastic lasts longer and works better than Scunci's cheap knockoffs (also difficult to find lately). Why shouldn't I help them market their product to my tech / geek friends with lots of cables to organize? No reason in the world.

[Goody Letter PDF download]

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