Dad's Dog :: Wee Meg

.:. Faux Press .:.

Wee Meg's going to be invited into the house so Dad will have an indoor pet pal by next winter. As soon as he figures out how he can have her in and out without messing up the floor with muddy paw prints, etc.

Meg's is a barely-contained glee.

I aspire to that.

The border collies always bunked in the kennels until a favorite - Glen - began to lose his eyesight, and they brought him inside until his passing. Then Moss too was brought in for his retirement days.

She's one of the most loving dogs he's ever had, with a sunny disposition sure to boost Pop's spirits, much as Mom's Pipsqueak cat has done for her.

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  1. A barely-contained glee...LOL! Surely one of life's great aspirations.

    Meg looks like a beauty.


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