All the Cases in a Row

All the Cases in a Row
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Imperfect, but each thing finds its logical place.

Half the battle is knowing where your shit IS.

I touch everything.

Take stock of everything.

My hero is Mathew Price for his Bhudda nature that always inspires me in times of crisis. Man's got ball of steel.

I'm terrified.

That's part of what makes me at the top of my personal game; if indeed I am; and this will prove or disprove that theory.

I'm as prepared as a human can be for what comes.

No stone unturned.

Fingers crossed there's not another $12K in the immediate investment future.


Last week's crisis was solved - not without a few minutes' post-production cost - certainly not unexpected on anyone's part - would have preferred-not-to - blubber-my-fingers-across-my-lips-three-stooges-style when-it-was-all-said-and-done-kinda-morning.

Film @ Noon.

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