An Unknown Bird Sends Greetings

.:. Faux Press .:.

Another lo-fi field recording of a bird whose song I do not know.

Anybody know the name of this bird who sings for us this morning? 

Public Domain. 

Formats available: Wave Audio (.wav)


  1. I suspect what you have there is a Northern Cardinal
    and one of its gorgeous variations in song. Either way, the Northern Cardinal's a stunningly beautiful bird.

    And in the background surely the melancholy call of a Mourning Dove. Would love to know for certain.

    Wonderfully captured sound moment, as usual. I was a bit of a bird nut in my youth (still am really). Nothing strikes the memory bell more romantically for me than the small operas of feathered angels. More please...

  2. Thanks, Robert. Will check the Northern Cardinal out.

    So glad to have inspired a romantic moment. Romance is undervalued.

    My father and sister are birders, and I fall outside the loose guidelines to claim the same title.

    Nonetheless, hearing and recording these moments brings me great pleasure, a pleasure I'm pleased to share: Real News.



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