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Learn to listen.

Here's a telling of "The Story of the Remote".

The image is from an earlier post wherein I show you part of the woman who speaks in this podcast

The upside of the dismal-looking and feeling foot situation is that she has a better way to flip her husband the bird.

She is my hero.

Her humor in the face of enormous pain astonishes and inspires.

Music is "Mother's Blues" from Jeff Kelley's Classic Acoustic Blues album - about whom I've written in this space before.

Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)


  1. oh these are GREAT people, you can tell! perfect way to start the day, a fauxpress story with coffee. simple pleasures go a long way. good to hear you at the end, too. (do these folks live near you? there's a whole book, movie, album waiting to happen if there ever was one...)

  2. Yes, these are wonderful people. Folks I truly adore.

    The joke-telling lady's had her foot surgery and she recovers nicely now at home. Can't wait to see how it works. 'Twas a big deal as you might imagine.


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