I Got a Bug Up My Butt - Ow!

Screw mainstream news - all the news I need bubbles up from friends - drive-time radio - NPR - today's news made me weep - misanthropy / Miss Anthrope - "Kidnapped" - beauty contests - Miss America - people can be so horrible to one another - creeping misanthropy from the news - screw that - relieved by personal experience - making lemonade out of lemons - this bug in my butt - thank heaven for friends who scratch the itch of the bug in my butt - faith in humanity and the future - it isn't done alone.

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  1. Hey Jan, it was a great post for me! It's the first time I am commenting here, but I haven't met you so long ago, and I already feel so blessed to hear and read and see you.

    I don't listen to the news. It has been a very long time since I quit listening to the news, maybe something like ten years ago? and still I haven't ever missed anything that needed to be known when it was news. I remember my relatives being astonished to learn that I wasn't listening to the news "how d'you keep up with the world affairs if you don't?" and now that I have a blog the same relatives marvel at how fast I sometimes comment on news to them...

    I also thought of a series of blogposts I published last year, on my blog. In French, there is an expression that translates in "a thousand thank you's" in order to say "thanks a lot", so I started to write a thousand of gratitudes, writing ten each day.

    Well, believe me, some days, I really had to think hard, but then the exercice became so pleasant, and I published the thank you's. Some readers got bored or didn't really understand what I was saying, some even thought I was a little crazy, I am sure, some, I know wrote that it was ridiculous. I didn't care. It was really good news.

    Thank you for your words.
    Thank you for the warm feeling your voice made me experience.
    Thank you for your thoughts that meet mine and give me a sense of belonging.
    Thank you for brightening an evening that was not so bright otherwise.

  2. the news: not so much news as a calculated effort to disinform, sensationalize, sow the seeds of fear, to separate, divide and confuse, redirect attention from the serious and important to the trivial, and most of all, to convince you the general state of despair can be alleviated if you just buy this fine product...


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