Venison in Bourbon Pomegranite Reduction

Lifecasting abundance & gratitide.

Venison tastes pretty darned good on its own.

Very hot - just over medium - pan, preferably cast iron or one thick enough to really have & hold the heat. I time the pan heating for 5 minutes, but I'm working with electricity rather than preferred gas cooking elements.

Wee bit of good oil in the pan (I like peanut oil because it doesn't smoke so much @ high temps) since the venison hasn't much fat to keep it from sticking.

These steaks were about 1/2" thick, so I cook the first side for four minutes, and the second side for three. My best advice, learned from the late Edson Fowler of Allied Club fame: Don't move the steaks once you place them.

Or any meat you cook on a fry pan for that matter.

Edson says of hamburger: Minimize playing around with the meat as you shape it into burger form. Makes a great deal of difference in the finished product.

Anyway, once the venison steaks were lifted, added a T. of butter to the still-hot pan, now turned to low, fried up some diced onions and fresh garlic. Leaving the onion/garlic in place, deglazed the pan with a wee bit of good bourbon, then added some pommegranate juice to finish.


Thanks, John & Vicki. Just begining to realize that Vicki's an artist. How cool is that?

- Taken at 6:57 PM on January 17, 2008 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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