Retrospective :: Wolfgang Hastert

For whatever reason, I've been reconnecting with folks from my past.

File under: Upside of 5th decade.

File under: Inspiration

File under: Work

File under: Friends

File under: influences

File under: Pleasure to see folks with whom I worked ages ago still making beautiful things.


Go have a look at his beautiful site: http://www.wolfganghastert.com/

Wolfie has an elegant vision for documentary that lays me out flat. See if you can get his works and get kicked upside your head if you're feeling a little sleepy.

Worked on a few projects with the estimable Hastert, among them his Varga Girls and Edward Hopper studies. Also, the marvelous QUEER REVERIES OF JAMES BIDGOOD.

We go back.

Wolfie taught me a lot about film making, and how to be a good film maker while remaining a good person.

I want higher resolution digital files from Mr. Hastert so I can send his work out to my small circle of estimable friends.

I want Wolfie to come out and play film maker with us on the Interwebs.

Come out & play, Wolfie!!!

Great - great - great to re-connect.

By way of recommendation, Wolfie is another metaphrast.

TECH NOTE: None of my dictionaries knows how to spell 'metaphrast'. Only a small part of why I love the word so.

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  1. hi janniejan - this odd vid led me to others excerpted on his site which do just what is intended: make me want to see more. What an interesting chap.

  2. Oh, yes. More of this, please.


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