POST NOTE: It Was Arnold Newman & John Singer Sargent

[Arnold Newman - 13 Images]
[Arnold Newman in Florida - by Bruce Weber]

Remembered the name of the photographer of whom I spoke earlier [below podcast].

Arnold took my husband's portrait for the catalog of the Newman in Florida show. I see Bruce's book's gone up in value: from free to $100.

Had the great pleasure of dining with Arnold and his wife - a woman who fought - shot & killed - in the 1968 war in Israel. How do you ever contain that ferocity once unleashed? A gentle soul.

They were - are? - so very fucking strong, those two, and gracious hosts. Their walls floor-to-ceiling with art. High ceilings there were - a full two stories - with an enormous north-facing sky light.

I prefer south light for the beauty of the passing of it and its seasonal variations that tell me where and when to shoot. It's always different, and an altogether marvelous diversion.

Ran into Arnold on the street one day as I was filming something-or-other and it seems to me that I was in some kind of wacky wardrobe. No. It was that I'd recently shaved my head and there he was. He didn't say a word about it.

Now I see that Arnold's gone.

I take a minute to mourn his passing.

Reading the obituary I see that Augusta survived him.

Arnold did EVERY-FUCKING-BODY. You know his work.

Do you imagine we had some rousing conversations about art at dinner and as he stayed in West Palm Beach to shoot images of it, revisiting his early career as an itinerant beach portrait-maker.

Studying his portraits through the years invested my eyes more than I knew.

Here's some John Singer Sargent for ya. Also an itinerant portrait painter.

I do not claim to be an artist; art claims me.

Let me come for a visit & take your portrait in video.

I come from a time-honored tradition of itinerant portrait painters and had some of the BEST teachers up close and personal.

Studied with the best in fine fine art, poetry, film, sound, dance, philosophy, illustration.

Study is of course ongoing.

It's quite an internet salon we got goin' on, yo.

Good news - as a film maker - is forthcoming. Keep your ears peeled.

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