New Year's Eve with the Family :: Dinner

My folks appreciate simple beauty, which is not to say that the lamb we eat tonight was easily acquired. My dad raised it with love. Having left home just as the shepherd operation began, I've no idea what it means to raise a sheep from scratch & realize as the last chops so grown are consumed I've long taken them for granted.

Was fortunate to be able to bring a few chops, some kabobs and ground lamb home with me this trip. There will soon come a time when there's none of father's lamb to be had.

Increasingly precious.

Menu: lamp chops, snap peas, rumbledethump (a Scottish dish of potatoes, cabbage, butter, cheese - recipe HERE), home made ciabatti.

I love the silver toast rack the folks use daily; keeps toast crisp.

The old hand-crank kid-sized ice cream maker is a thing that holds fond memories for Father. He was very glad to have it from his mom before she passed last year.

- Taken at 7:00 PM on December 31, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu


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  2. it all looks beautiful, a really special day for you all. reminds me of the true spirit of life at Christmastime.

    Thanks for sharing.


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