The Faux Press #19 :: Disclosure

Gabcast! The Faux Press #19


"Starting Out in the Evening" was produced by Gary Winick's now-resting production machine, InDigEnt.

I'm an investor in the project.

Part of InDigEnt's business model was to give every project participant a piece of the gross receipts. Even production assistants and front-of-camera artists.

I don't know why the model failed to make money for InDigEnt - or in fact IF the model failed at all. All I know is that the company is no longer actively producing movies, and that makes me sad, for being an investor / technician is how I'd prefer to live as a sound artist.

Perhaps I am weak for needing vested interests in outcomes in order to feel satisfied, fulfilled.

So be it.

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  1. came back to this. now i know what i wanted to say...vested interests in outcomes is nothing less than wanting a direct relationship between effort and reward/result. subsisting on ones own work instead of being dependent on outside entities. thats why i am always most satisfied and closer to workaday contentment when self employed. or else maybe i'm weak too :^)


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