Some feed to which I've subscribed in FireANT has begun to download my Tweets having been read by computer and turned into mp3's.

Here's an example.

Metadata shows http://www.readspeaker.com/ as artist.

Will investigate further what feed it might have been.

Weird thing is the computer-voiced lady reads the entry twice.

POST NOTE: My tweets are run via opt-in RSS link thru Shozu.com (a great free service that helps me upload video to the web from the cell phone outside MMS), then Shozu makes 'em into mp3's @ » link to Startpage - www.readspeaker.com I subscribed to my Shozu feed a couple of days ago. Ah-ha!

It's pretty good quality text-to-speech, and takes RSS feeds and converts text to speech in mp3's and generates a separate RSS podcast feed. Great tool for the sight-disabled or folks who want to listen to text blogs via portable media player.

Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)

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