Re-Vlog :: Holiday Bokeh from Squigglebooth

Divine. Gets me into the holiday spirit that includes light in the darkness.


From the creator:

Driving has become a holiday tradition. Buy gifts, dress up and drive to see family (Jesus who?). In these parts, as I drive by small towns, the silent glow of holiday lights bring out the warm fuzzies within me. The song is the theme music from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, composed by Jon Brion. A song that I can play in repeat forever. Seriously, can music get any prettier than this? Me and Kelly have been dancing to this ever since I downloaded it, the video also tries to capture some of that. If you have never heard of the word Bokeh, check here. The upcoming new year will bring new videos, new people and, maybe, a new site. Happy Bokeh Holidays everyone!

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