Night Exterior

On the water.


  1. every morning i sit down with my coffee and check to see what you're up to. and every day i am delighted and inspired. great stuff you're putting up. i like that its immediate and visually stimulating, or like in the case of the worst words, noodlebaking pithy. as always, i read the postings and am left with a greater sense of optimism and possibilities. thanks!

  2. I love these magic moments from behind the scenes. Hope you're having fun. It looks like it. When is the shoot over? Questions, questions...

  3. Your comments (Mark & Robert) are precisely why I make what I make: as reminders to find the best in everything and everyone; to promote and live the idea that one may make media while continuing to move forward with life and living (since making movies traditionally allows for nothing but making movies); to show rather than tell; not to waste your time with filler.

    Thank you - as always - for seeing what I do - really seeing it. For 'getting it.' Makes me feel so much less alone :)

    'Delight' 'Inspired' 'Fun'

    I can think of no words that would make me feel more happy or satisfied.

    Trust this finds you and yours well and happy.

    "Night Exterior" is from this summer. I can't talk about the project I'm currently involved with on pain of dismissal.


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