Something Beautiful :: My Favorite Film

Why a favorite?

  • For introducing me to singer Little Jimmy Scott.
  • For poetry.
  • For Corrigan.
  • For introducing me to D'Onofrio.
  • For showing me parts of New York I did not heretofore know.
  • For dance.
  • Because Robert Sean Leonard was in "Dead Poets Society" and lived at 19 West 73rd Street, where I and my then-husband moved when Leonard moved out, because we were poets.
  • Because the first words Vincent spoke to me - personally - were those of William Butler Yeats.
Robert asks us in a still photograph to "Say something beautiful..."

Today, I am in search of beauty. On a beauty mission. A nice lens to wear for the day.

Thanks again, Robert. Your presence here makes it all worth while.

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross

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