Flickr Leech :: Oh Cool!

Thanks to new vlogger Robert Croma for turning me on to Flickr Leech, where appear thumbnails of all Flickr photos, not just the most recent 200 my non-pro account permits me to see. Even old photos link back to the real photo page that allows comments, notes, and access to permalinks and downloads.

Oh. Yes.

Made my day, as Croma recently often does with his swell comments.

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  1. Hi Jan...

    Yes Flickr Leech is a great way to see them all.

    Noticed the link to your Leech is incorrect: you have "jannie" as your username instead of jannie-jan.

    Great to see all your beautiful images laid out like that. Gorgeous. : )

  2. Very strange indeed, Robert, the hard-coded html link was correct, but clicking it yielded the URL as you write. Tried another option. Perhaps this will stick...

  3. Hey Jan,

    I haven't checked in with you for quite some time, so this was the perfect entry to find at the top o' the blog. You've got some wonderful photos up and this is a great way to view them all. I wasn't familiar with Flickr Leech, but I'll sure be using it. Try it out with my user number
    to see what I've been up to.

    AudioLingo has been sleeping lately, but I'll be waking it up again soon.

    - Jay

  4. Dang, Jay! About time you resurfaced. Met Jay HERE.

    Check out http://AudioLingo.com

    Jay does some amazing stuff over there with audio and language.

  5. Have I resurfaced? You make me sound like some sorta troglodyte.

    I must say, you seem to have settled into the vlogosphere right handily. I do hope you continue to put out the occasional podcast, though. I need your voice.


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