Dawn Time Lapse iMovie Hack

Found a tip on how to use iMovie HD as a time lapse engine.

Look just to the left of the camera icon in iMovie. 

There's a small drop down menu that includes 'time lapse'.

Today's posted video was recorded @ 1 frame per 10 frames of video.

Thought it worked very well.

You can hook up any camera you want to the computer with which to make the recording. This video was made with the MacBook's on-board iSight. 


  1. well, i'll be damn! there it is! thanks for this! i'm apparently very exclamatory this morning...LOVE me the fauxpress, i learn more from this site than any other i regularly read...

  2. That's a HUGE compliment, Mark, that you learn from watching human-made media. Look forward to forming a deeper human relationship as I also learn from you; learn how to gently stay in touch.

  3. What a wondrous little film. Such magic you make. Beautiful. Thank you...

  4. So Robert - haven't seen any new photographs up @ Flickr for YOU, you magic-maker. What's with THAT? Hmmm? :)


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