CBC's Big Sugar - Part 2

Hmmm. They never taught us this history in school. Wonder why.

More questions: why in heaven's name is big sugar subsidized with U.S. taxpayer money? How much annually is given to big sugar? Under what circumstances? What legislators support this subsidy?

The CBC has lots of great documentary films on Google.

45 minutes.

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. Jeez - sooo cool - thanks for the link. But, I've been trying to watch this since you posted it - it just won't work, the video keeps stuttering and sputtering - I have cable better than 2mbps - is it google or is it my connection?

  2. Can't say for sure, Chris. It plays fine in my Firefox / XP Home setup. Here's the tinyurl to the original file @ Google: http://tinyurl.com/2eo3yl

    See how that works...


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