VlogEurope 2007 :: Tajee's Card :: Shoe = Boat

Tajee's card.

Xacti two-camera shoot.

My shoe = a boat.

Joel is a media cowboy.

P.S. that's Yoshi's (Alligator), "Yip," at the end. As a sound person I found it entrancing.

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  1. Perhaps Joel should get into communication with a creative seamstress.

    In fine-grain print: I'm not sure who would be as whom, and would be familiar enough with Joel's video-device usage patterns, enough to make a camera holster that he would be really comfortable with, but perhaps someone may -- perhaps Joel may, no audacity meant for the statement.

    Talking plastic-head, or something, an incidental thought: Studies of video-device usage patterns may eventually benefit whom would be manufacturing devices and accessories for video recording. I'm not talking "wearable cameras", you know -- personally, I think the "wearable computing" mux is a whole lot of fancy-sounding bullshit.

    To have a configuration that would be most natural for a person, in one's approach to videography, it seems that it would be an objective that may be approached by multiple routes, perhaps even in parallel.

    Some more thoughts, in share -- some rudiments of a basic outline, for a profile about video work:

    #x# The primary devices used in the work (e.g. video cameras, still cameras, and voice recorders, plus any of what critics might call "avante-garde" technology, if any one might happen to think of it)

    Then, For each device:

    #x# How the device is used
    #x# How the device is carried, as in time of active use
    #x# How the device is carried, inactive, as for travel
    #x# How accessories for the device (batteries included, nah) are used, and carried actively, and carried in stasis
    #x# Perhaps less pressing as a concern: How the device is stored, as in a moderate-to-long-term abode being used by the individual

    Sure, there may be multiple "carry modes", for each of active, inactive/stasis/travel, and stowage uses.

    I'll venture this, then: The development of items of technology about the art of videography may be not always so high-profile, as occurrences, so much as when a manufacturer comes out with a new model of camera.

    In every field of the arts, however, there are developments of organic items of technology -- such that may be regarded as being even so functionally simple as a potter's stylus, or a painter's spatula, and no less as items to the whole technology of the art.

    Why not, then, in videography?

    I mean, what you present, here, it may help to make the point: Videography is about rather more than cameras and (as contemporarily) software.

    Videos may be the poetry of "first world" culture, in this era?

    I could like to predict a rise in the popularity of correspondence courses about electronics, following this. Certainly, it may be a fanciful thought. "I've liberty to think as so, on vacation," humbug in all whatnot.

    * does that sound right, "videography"?

  2. Some good thinking going on here, GhOst. Will return to this again and again for inspiration since I've a sewing machine...

    Xacti has certainly thought this through for its in-the-hand shooting comfort. Kudos to Xacti and Sanyo for that.


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