'35' Location

'35' Location
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Beautiful townhouse.

I'm going to repost this photo from Flickr (see above) since I noticed something recently: Flickr photos - if rotated @ Flickr after auto-posting to blog - acquire a new URL and disappear from the Blog post. This is a test of that phenom.

This process reveals another 8525 limitation: I can't seem to intuitively figure out how to rotate photos in the phone prior to MMS upload to Flickr.

Using Google - searching '8525 rotate photo' - the first thing that comes up is a $15 GPS-related program that will rotate photos (among many other Geotag, Google Map and Flickr-related things). Money. Money. Money and more money for Pocket PC programs. Yipes!

Next found is the pdf manual for the 8525 that - searching in Mac's excellent pdf-searchable Preview application - explains it all. You have to go into 'Pictures & Videos' --> tap and open the subject photo --> 'Menu' --> 'Edit' --> 'Rotate'

Too many taps. I should be able to rotate photos via a menu option in Flie Explorer.


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