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The Faux Press #12

Talking about VlogEurope, "35", 8525 audio and video. Get the mp3 HERE.

The Bluetooth headset isn't recognized as an audio device except for phone calls. It should work for video and audio recording as well.

Furthermore, I think it's the Razr V3 that resets the ringtone from my choice to Wagner's Valkyrie tune. Sheesh.

Trying desperately to troubleshoot playing 8525-generated mp4 videos anywhere but on the phone itself. Google has not yet proved my friend in this regard. Even Windows Media Player for Mac won't play the doggone things. Harrumph.

Here are links to all the programs / hardware I've thus far invested in / installed to make this phone work as I wish:

[Vito Audio Notes] - for recording high-quality mp3 or wav files
[85258 IM+ for Skype] - Skype!
[8525 IM+] - handles ALL my IM services
[Missing Sync] - allows me to sync the 8525 to the MacBook - a must-have
Motorola Razr V3 Bluetooth Headset

All these programs have trial periods, thankfully.

POST NOTE: Simply change the file extension from '.mp4' to '.3gp' yo.

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  1. I wish you luck dealing with all those basically minor problems, which add up to a kinda mess..

    For that ringtone problem - do you probably have different ringtone profiles? From my S/O/N/Y phone I can set other ringtones while using a headset. So probably you have a handsfree profile, too, and the ringtone there is still on default.

  2. Thanks for the input, Jürgen, but it's definitely not a phone profile issue. Without the headset, my preferred ringtone engages. And based on a Google perusal of various newsgroups, the Motorola H500 is a ringtone control freak.

    Wagner? Gimme a break.

    Howard Forums Post re H500 Ringtone
    Another dissatisfied customer

    From my research, it's a Motorola design choice.

    Baaaad Motorola.


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