The Faux Press #15 :: Audioblogger.com Sux

Gabcast! The Faux Press #15


OMG - turns out Audioblogger is now Odeo, FireANT's new home.

It STILL sux.

MP3 here.


  1. Hey Jan,

    The Audioblogger service was founded by Noah Glass (one of the co-founders of Odeo) before Odeo started, and it was then folded into Odeo in 2005. Last year, in Nov. 2006 the Audioblogger service was basically shut down and no longer accepting new uploads. Here's a copy of the shut-down announcement from a year ago:

  2. Hmm, the link didn't work?
    Trying again:

  3. bad bad bad! i didn't have a lot of audioblogger out there, but i know one person that did, i mean hours and hours over the course of a couple of years, a lot of work, and the shutdown email said they'd still host existing media. now all gone. gabcast is a much better service, and excellent support and real human being people, i hope they last a long time. but clearly, any media that is posted to free providers is subject to loss if they can't carry the load. alternatives? 1) pay more, support the providers of quality services even if they're free or 2) DIY as economically as possible by using something like nearlyfreespeech.net. i worry that the internets is going to become more exclusive over time, and pay services will squeeze out open source and free services all in the greedy pursuit of more than enough...

  4. I knew about it when Audioblog.com stopped accepting uploads - here's the post from 10/05.

    Mr. Kinberg has kindly offered to intercede on my behalf with the current Odeo powers that be.

    Very kind.

    Now, off to find a few lost posts...


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