Everybody Gets It

Talk like a pirate day.

Even the firefighters get it.


Based on this post I've succumbed to the new 8525 workflow that is as follows:

1) Bluetooth mp4 to MacBook
2) Change file extension from mp4 to 3gp
3) Upload to Blip
4) After transcode completes, publish to Vlog

Or, if the need for immediate gratification is pressing:

1) Send to Blip via MMS
2) Download mp4 from Blip
3) Change mp4 to 3gp file extention
4) Add the additional 3gp format to the Blip file page
5) Add the additional 3gp format to the Blogger post page, as I'm doing now so that the file will flow down the RSS pipes

This second alternative sux for lots of reasons, not least of which is that neither the flash nor the mp4 versions are accepted by my primary RSS readers (FireANT and iTunes).

So much for immediate gratification, slim workflow, and ease of use.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)
3gp Video

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