Ein Frankfurt Aeroport

In Frankfurt airport waiting now 1.5 hours for the return flight to
depart I think of the nice fellow I figure I inadvertently stiffed
for 1 Euro on the train.

More than that, I ate a slice of his prosciuto when he left to
evacuate his bowels.

It's not that I meant to steal his ham; it's that I thought I'd
ordered the breakfast delivered to our not-quite romantic table for
zwei. It was not until I went to fork a slice of cheese that he
defended his plate and he helped me understand I'd only ordered
butter, cream cheese and jam with a croissant I'd declined when the
waiter delivered a family-sized basket of bread.


Such a nice fellow.

There was not time to pay when the train pulled into the station.

My choice: to leave him with a E20 for the E11 check or with a E10
and all my change. As he was dressed in a fine suit and off to a
business meeting in Cologne, I opted for the latter and bounded forth
toward Terminal 2, Gate 5 with a wee bit of sadness and the tears yet
drying under my eyes for what regret I've yet to fathom.

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  1. A little birdy told me that today is your birthday!!!

    I hope you are having a good one!!


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