Aske Dam :: Horse Chestnut

Aske Dam :: Horse Chestnut
Originally uploaded by Jannie-Jan
'Tis the horse chestnut season.


  1. I sooo love these. Bumper crop here in London, this year (very wet early summer). As a boy I'd collect hundreds and soak them in vinegar to supposedly harden them (never seemed to work!) and then drill a hole down the middle, thread string through and go to battle with friends. Do/did they play conkers in the states, I wonder? Was quite a big tradition here, once upon a time. Kids just don't seem to play conkers anymore. Christ I sound so old...

  2. Thanks for the inspiration to address the issue of horse chestnuts in a podcast.

    I loved your post!

    Knew I wasn't alone in my youthful fascination with 'em.

    Anybody else have horse chestnut fantasies?


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