VlogEurope :: Day One :: 8/28

Don't recall what this video is...

Oh, right, the shoeshine.

One of the first things I do when I begin travel is to have my shoes shined.

The local shoeshine shop is inevitably a great resource for local history and pointers to the best places to get a hearty workin-person's lunch.


  1. Yeah, While I can play the flash I can't play the mp4 either. Weird. Wonder what codecs they used.

  2. I can't play the mp4 either. Anywhere. With any of the many tools I've at my disposal. Working with several lists to figure it out. Bah. Fortunately, one can see it in the page via Flash - that is, when Blip can make the transcode. Seems Blip's got a hiccough with this flavor of video file now, too. Sigh.


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