Quality Video Compression from DivX

Beats the hell out of YouTube, yo.

What's cool is I didn't have the DivX player, but it easily installed itself in Firefox's browser. Sweet.

The films quickly load and play, which is the other thing we like about Flash beyond it's near-universal existence in folks' computers.

High quality is what distinguishes DivX from everything else I've seen on the net, including online videos from the networks.

First heard about DivX four years ago from an anime fan pal-o-mine. They've been working really hard since then to improve and deploy their codec more universally.

If Stage6 is any indication, they've done good work and I wish 'em well. Will keep an eye on them for possible deployment in the vlogspace.

First things first: let's see how their javascript player fares in a Blogger blog.


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